Stewartstown Senior Center Bus Trip Policy

RESERVATIONS:   Reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  To reserve a seat, you must come in and sign the trip book yourself.  No seats are reserved until payment is made in full. Trips must be paid for thirty days in advance.  If a trip is sold out, a waiting list will be available

PAYMENTS:             We accept cash or personal checks.  Please make checks payable to:  "Stewartstown Senior Center." 

CANCELLATIONS: If you should decide to cancel for any reason, you must find a person to replace you in order to receive a refund.  Last minute cancellations cost the center money, so if you need to cancel, do so before the final payment is due.  No refunds will be made for cancellations on the day of the scheduled trip, unless illness occurs.

RESPONSIBILITY: The Stewartstown Senior Center acts solely in the capacity of an agent on behalf of its patrons, in arranging bus trips.  As such, the center will not be responsible for damage, loss, delay, injury, or accident due to any act of default on the part of any company or person providing transportation, sight-seeing or other services which are a part of any trip.

PROPERTY:                       The Stewartstown Senior Center will not be held liable for the loss of any property or valuables left on a bus or elsewhere during a planned trip.  Furthermore, and personal property taken on the trip shall be done so at the owner’s risk.

COSTS:                              Costs of trips include transportation, meals, shows, all tax and gratuities, and drivers tip on motor coaches, unless otherwise noted.


Stewartstown Senior Center Bus Trips 2017




Picture a small bed and breakfast, run by a prim older woman.  Her female
guests come to get away from their stressful lives and sip iced tea.  They also
come because of the sixty-something man next door nicknamed, “Bud the Stud.”
Somehow a newly invented Viagra for women, accidentally on purpose, gets
poured into the iced tea!

 Cost:  $40.00 + 14.30 Van = $54.30                  Payment Due:  September 26, 2017

Leave:  10:00 AM                                              Return:  5:00 PM

******************************************************************                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THURSDAY THURSDAY– NOVEMBER 30, 2017   RAINBOW THEATER


It’s Christmas for two families who haven’t met yet.  Their parents have
finally found someone, after years of being alone.  All the sweethearts
want is a Christmas dinner to remember.  Oh it will be!!

 Cost:  $40.00 + 14.30 Van = $54.30                  Payment Due:  October 30, 2017

Leave:  10:00 AM                                              Return:  5:00 PM