Senior HIGHLights!

Wish our April birthdays well on their special day and others who are experiencing some health challenges right now!!

Honoring our former Director, Rosie Horton!

There is a little spot in Southern York County known as “Fresh Air Corner”.  A famous person lives there by the name of Rose “Rosie” Horton.  

Rosie retired in 2022 after serving thirty years as the Director of the Stewartstown Senior Center.  Yes, that’s right, 30 years! Thirty years of helping seniors, including serving meals every day at Stewartstown United Methodist Church where the center is located.  Rosie dedicated those years to organizing fundraisers, leading special activities, and generally helping members cope with life.  

During the last few months of her tenure however the duties of running the center fell on the shoulders of her very able helper, Assistant Director Louise Herwig.  The reason; Rosie suffered serious medical problems.  Problems that eventually led to her retirement.  

But you would never know her medical condition hit so hard, Rosie appeared “fit as a fiddle” in October when she was honored at the Center.  On a sunny day the members of the Senior Center gathered on the lawn of Stewartstown United Methodist Church to honor Rosie.  It was there that a park bench was presented honoring Rosie‚Äôs 30 years as Director.  

The bench sits just outside the entrance to the Senior Center that Rosie loved.  

Not all American Heroes are written about in the history books.  Southern York County is full of them, heroes like Rosie Horton.  

Rosie Horton
Louise and Rosie